n., adj., adv., & v.
1 an equilateral rectangle.
2 a an object of this shape or approximately this shape. b a small square area on a game-board. c a square scarf. d an academic cap with a stiff square top; a mortarboard.
3 a an open (usu. four-sided) area surrounded by buildings, esp. one planted with trees etc. and surrounded by houses. b an open area at the meeting of streets. c Cricket a closer-cut area at the centre of a ground, any strip of which may be prepared as a wicket. d an area within barracks etc. for drill. e US a block of buildings bounded by four streets.
4 the product of a number multiplied by itself (81 is the square of 9).
5 an L-shaped or T-shaped instrument for obtaining or testing right angles.
6 sl. a conventional or old-fashioned person, one ignorant of or opposed to current trends.
7 a square arrangement of letters, figures, etc.
8 a body of infantry drawn up in rectangular form.
9 a unit of 100 sq. ft. as a measure of flooring etc.
10 US a square meal (three squares a day).
1 having the shape of a square.
2 having or in the form of a right angle (table with square corners).
3 angular and not round; of square section (has a square jaw).
4 designating a unit of measure equal to the area of a square whose side is one of the unit specified (square metre).
5 (often foll. by with) a level, parallel. b on a proper footing; even, quits.
6 a (usu. foll. by to) at right angles. b Cricket on a line through the stumps at right angles to the wicket.
7 having the breadth more nearly equal to the length or height than is usual (a man of square frame).
8 properly arranged; in good order, settled (get things square).
9 (also all square) a not in debt, with no money owed. b having equal scores, esp. Golf having won the same number of holes as one's opponent. c (of scores) equal.
10 fair and honest (his dealings are not always quite square).
11 uncompromising, direct, thorough (was met with a square refusal).
12 sl. conventional or old-fashioned, unsophisticated, conservative (cf. sense 6 of n.).
13 Mus. (of rhythm) simple, straightforward.
1 squarely (sat square on his seat).
2 fairly, honestly (play square).
1 tr. make square or rectangular, give a rectangular cross-section to (timber etc.).
2 tr. multiply (a number) by itself (3 squared is 9).
3 tr. & intr. (usu. foll. by to, with) adjust; make or be suitable or consistent; reconcile (the results do not square with your conclusions).
4 tr. mark out in squares.
5 tr. settle or pay (a bill etc.).
6 tr. place (one's shoulders etc.) squarely facing forwards.
7 tr. colloq. a pay or bribe. b secure the acquiescence etc. of (a person) in this way.
8 tr. (also absol.) make the scores of (a match etc.) all square.
9 intr. assume the attitude of a boxer.
10 tr. Naut. a lay (yards) at right angles with the keel making them at the same time horizontal. b get (dead-eyes) horizontal. c get (ratlines) horizontal and parallel to one another.
Phrases and idioms:
back to square one colloq. back to the starting-point with no progress made. get square with pay or compound with (a creditor). on the square adj.
1 colloq. honest, fair.
2 having membership of the Freemasons.
—adv. colloq. honestly, fairly (can be trusted to act on the square). out of square not at right angles. perfect square = square number. square accounts with see ACCOUNT. square away US tidy up. square-bashing Brit. Mil. sl. drill on a barrack-square. square brackets brackets of the form
Etymology: . square-built of comparatively broad shape. square the circle
1 construct a square equal in area to a given circle (a problem incapable of a purely geometrical solution).
2 do what is impossible. square dance a dance with usu. four couples facing inwards from four sides. square deal a fair bargain, fair treatment. squared paper paper marked out in squares, esp. for plotting graphs. square-eyed joc. affected by or given to excessive viewing of television.
square leg Cricket
1 the fielding position at some distance on the batsman's leg side and nearly opposite the stumps.
2 a fielder in this position. square meal a substantial and satisfying meal. square measure measure expressed in square units. square number the square of an integer e.g. 1, 4, 9, 16. square off 1 US assume the attitude of a boxer.
2 Austral. placate or conciliate.
3 mark out in squares. square peg in a round hole see PEG. square piano an early type of piano, small and oblong in shape. square-rigged with the principal sails at right angles to the length of the ship and extended by horizontal yards slung to the mast by the middle (opp. fore-and-aft rigged). square root the number that multiplied by itself gives a specified number (3 is the square root of 9). square sail a four-cornered sail extended on a yard slung to the mast by the middle. square-shouldered with broad and not sloping shoulders (cf. round-shouldered).
1 (of shoes or boots) having square toes.
2 wearing such shoes or boots.
3 formal, prim. square up settle an account etc.
square up to
1 move towards (a person) in a fighting attitude.
2 face and tackle (a difficulty etc.) resolutely. square wave Physics a wave with periodic sudden alternations between only two values of quantity.
squarely adv. squareness n. squarer n. squarish adj.
Etymology: ME f. OF esquare, esquarreacute, esquarrer, ult. f. EX-(1) + L quadra square

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